What are the requirements and qualifications for Advance Ambassadors?

1. Must be a dedicated Christian with a good testimony in the Community

2. Must have a passion for our country and have strong convictions about conservative values

3. Must be a leader in a church, school, business, home school group, conservative club, etc. that has contact with numerous people in your members congressional district

4. Must be willing to get involved in our country as “salt” and “light” in order to make a difference in our nation

5. Must be willing to build a good relation ship with his or her member of Congress

6. Must be able to communicate with others the “values” issues that are facing our country today

7. Must be willing to meet with your representatives in Washington and locally at least once a year and email them at least once a quarter expressing your opinions on various topics

8. Must agree to help support the Washington office financially by contributing at least $50 a month ($600 a year) to AdvanceUSA

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