Our Issues

What are the conservative causes that Advance Ambassadors are to represent to their members of Congress?

1. The Pro-Life Cause: Believing that the Declaration of Independence affirms the right to life and believing that God is the Giver of life at the moment of conception, AdvanceUSA is committed to the preservation of life in all stages of human development or decline.

2. The Pro-Family Cause: Believing that the family is the foundation of any free and productive society, and believing that God instituted the family for the benefit of nations and humanity, AdvanceUSA is committed to fighting to preserve the family.

3. The Pro-Morality Cause: Believing that America’s greatness is linked to America’s goodness and believing that God says that righteousness exalts a nation, AdvanceUSA is committed to challenging our government to follow traditional, Judeo-Christian values in its lawmaking.

4. The Pro-Justice Cause: Believing that good is good and evil is evil, and believing that God established government for the praise of the good and the punishment of evil, AdvanceUSA is committed to supporting a Justice system that is fair and equitable.

5. The Pro-Religious Liberty Cause: Believing that the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of believers of all faiths to practice their faith in public and private, and believing that the Judeo-Christian heritage of these United States is undeniable, AdvanceUSA is committed to defending our religious liberties as people of faith.

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